Camping in the Wairarapa with a One-year-old

So this is what happens when your tent gets searched by NZ Customs and they don’t repack it away properly….at least Sophia was entertained…?

When we eventually figured out how to untangle our tent (!) we stayed at a great little campsite in Greytown for a long weekend. Having experienced ‘minimalist’ camping facilities on a 3-week motorbike camping trip around Europe, this campsite was so well equipped, it was practically glamping! We did not have to top up the shower with Euro coins to get more water, and loo roll was complimentary! There were washing machines and every cooking facility you could ever need as well as tennis courts and a play park. We had packed our camping fridge and steamer cooker to avoid any uncooked camping food- poisoning scenarios and instead enjoyed pesto salmon, asparagus and  baby boiled potatoes! Camping food for fine diners!!


Sophia had her own little compartment in the tent where we put her travel cot. We had our comfy inflatable mattress in the other compartment and we stored everything else in the middle section. It was such fun- made even more so by the great weather.

One day we drove to Castlepoint, hiked up to the lighthouse and enjoyed the beautiful views of the bays and lagoon. Very beautiful and incredibly windy!


Another day we drove the whole way around Lake Wairarapa. It is so tranquil there.


The Wairarapa is known for its vineyards, coastlines and valleys and is about one hour’s drive east of Wellington. It’s tucked away over the far side of the mountains and is sheltered from the good old windiness of Welly. Thank goodness!  On our final day here we explored Martinborough which is the perfect rural location for a daytrip or weekend away from the city. It feels like we only scratched the surface so we will definitely be coming back


Triple Espresso Camping ‘Essentials’:

  • Camping fridge
  • 4-way power sockets (for phones, fridge and heater)
  • v-60 coffee filter and compact grinder
  • Baby wipes
  • Self-inflating double mattress
  • Tidy organiser shelves
  • A suitcase full of  unnecessary all-weather clothing that we never need (!)


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