Jeremy, Katie and Sophia are a family of three from the UK. They recently moved to Wellington, New Zealand having lived near London for four years prior to that. Jeremy was working in London as an accountant and Katie as a Deputy Headteacher. They both love to travel and explore new places so when their daughter Sophia was born they didn’t want this to change. Now she goes along on the adventures too, often in a backpack!

Their hope is that this blog will inspire, entertain and show that enjoying travel with a baby is possible. Things may need a bit more planning or may not go according to plan due to toddler tantrums and nappy shenanigans but why not make some memories in some fun locations? Why put travel plans and dreams on hold just because you’ve got extra baggage?! As long as you pack caffeine and a sense of humor, how badly can it go?

Previous adventures of theirs have included:

  • Honeymooning in the Caribbean
  • Motorbiking around Europe
  • Work trips to San Francisco, Sierra Leone and Vancouver
  • Road trips and safaris around Southern Africa and South East Asia

Poor Sophia doesn’t get a choice on all this crazy travel. At 5 weeks of age she was bundled off to Boulonge-Sur-Mer, France which began as an innocent weekend away but turned into an unintentional booze cruise. Read more about it in their blog post: ‘Memoires of France with a 5-week old‘. At 11 weeks she went on her first plane journey for Christmas in Belfast which was closely followed by a trip to see in the New Year in Bruges, Belgium. By the time she was 9-months old she was on the other side of the world chilling with the Kiwis 🙂 Wherever next?

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